Sound Engineers

There’s nothing better as a sound engineer than getting work through recommendations, or just getting work coming to you. Setting your freelance self loose online is a killer way to get more work, especially as a freelance sound engineer. Whether your work as a freelance live sound engineer, or as a studio sound engineer or mix engineer, getting your portfolio online is a great way to hunt down new business without lifting a finger.

As a sound engineer the hours your work probably aren’t particularly sociable, and finding the time to pull yourself away from paying sound engineering work is hard. So, that’s where proQloud steps in to pick up the slack.

proQloud is built by sound engineers and mastering engineers, so we know the struggles of a modern day engineer!


These days, you need a website, and you need one that will be quick to setup, look good and give you more benefits than just looking pretty. Luckily, proQloud has both the looks and the brains (we think) to make your business really work online.

You can quickly and easily setup your website, adding your favourite imagery from your studio to the live events you have engineered at. You can add your best work, including audio files, video and images.

 File Transfer

As a sound engineer, files are important, and they also happen to be hefty file sizes, but luckily proQloud has been built with that in mind. So, you’ve just got your next order for a mix session at your recording studio, your client can upload the session files straight to your website and you can get to work on the session right away. Still using good old, Dropbox? That’s cool, you can integrate your DropBox with your website, simple.


By far the most ‘business’ aspect of your website, but definitely one of the most important. It’s hard to keep track of your invoices, especially when you’re busy and at different studios all the time. Keep track of all your online orders and invoice your other clients through the proQloud invoicing system.

 Online Sales

Once you’ve set up your new website with prices and online ordering enabled, you can accept online orders from anywhere in the world. As a freelance sound engineer, you probably work in a bunch of different recording studios, do live sound engineering and maybe even dabble in the occasional mastering project. Set up all of the services that you offer in your ‘online store’ and accept orders straight away.