Freelance Musicians

Working as a freelance musician is great, especially when the work is flowing in! Having all of your work stored in one place to show people exactly what you do is a fantastic way of getting new clients, especially as a musician.

Your new website will show off your skills as a musician, and you can accept online orders whether that’s for an online session, or they are hiring you for a show.


Getting yourself a beautiful looking website is a great tool for any musician. Creating your website is quick and simple, you can add your best session work, favourite photos and videos.

 File Transfer

proQloud makes sending files quick and easy. You can also give your clients a filedrop link so tey can send you files through your own website. You’ll then receive the files straight into your personal file upload system. For any session musician it’s important to be able to send and receive files easily, without having to worry about storage limits or file send limits.


The most uncool part of being a freelance musician is keeping on top of your financial records! We’ve built this feature to help musicians, sound engineers and freelance music producers keep everything in one place. As soon as you receive an online order, an invoice is immediately generated and sent to the client. Need to invoice a client that didn’t order online? Your invoice system can do that too.

There’s nothing worse than waiting for a payment is there? Well, luckily if you get an order through, the payment is made immediately so you have no need to worry about the payment!

 Online Sales

You can add your services as a session musician and accept orders from all over the world. Got a small home recording setup? Great, now you can take on session musician jobs right in your own home, and get work anytime. Online ordering is a great tool for a freelance musician, no messing around with phone calls or hiring big studios. Simple, fast and easy.