Recording Studios

Setting up a new website for your recording studio isn’t easy, especially when you’re new to coding. Luckily, we have built a super intuitive drag and drop website builder, which makes constructing websites quick and easy.

Most work these days for recording studios or mastering studios comes through recommendation, or just good old research, so it’s essential that your recording studio has a brilliant online presence, with a beautiful website. Having a website is the best way to secure new work for your studio or your sound engineers.


Setting up your website couldn’t be simpler. Your recording studio gets its own landing page, and then you can add separate pages for your sound engineers, control rooms and other studio bits and pieces you might want to add!

What’s more is there’s a cool step by step wizard which will take you through the whole process, once you’ve finished these few steps, your website auto populates with all the information and is ready to go.

Probably some of the most important selling points for a recording studio are its client list and their equipment. You can add all your clients, equipment list and images of the studio to your website, add your best work, your sound engineers and producers easily.

 Social Media

There’s nothing cooler than being able to share what cool stuff your recording studio has been up to. Integrate all your social media accounts with your proQloud dashboard, post your blog updates to your Facebook or Twitter straight from your website!

 File Transfer

As a recording studio, you’ll understand the struggles with sending files. We’ve built our system to allow clients to send and receive files with no file size limits, meaning you can send full session files with no problems. Just taken on a mix project at your recording studio? Great, your client can send you the session files through your website’s personal file drop system!


As a recording studio you might have multiple sound engineers or mastering engineers visiting your studio on a daily basis, so it’s good practice to keep a good record of your invoices! This is easier said than done, so we’ve developed a great invoicing tool that will help you keep on track of everything happening at your studio.

Online orders for your studio automatically get sent an auto-populated invoice once they have paid for the booking or service. If you’ve got a client that hasn’t ordered online then you can invoice them straight from your proQloud invoicing system.

Your invoicing system is branded with your logo, address and any other information you need to add in.

 Online Sales

The easiest way to get work these days is through an online store. You can add all your rates, whether that be for studio time, sound engineers, mastering engineers or dry hire of the recording studio and clients can order online, and you receive payment immediately.