Music Producers

Setting up a website is the best way to get new clients, and the best way to show off your music production skills. As a music producer, it’s important to keep your website fresh and up to date with all your best work, clients and images.


The great thing about our website builder is you don’t need to know anything about coding. It’s simple drag and drop functionality with an intuitive interface that shows you everything in real time. You can add as many pages and sub-pages as you’d like, so you can show off your recording studio, your music production and the sound engineers you work with. One of the best website features is the media players, you have a video player and audio player. These are the best ways for you to really show off your musoic production skills. Got a great project you’re really proud of? Get those tracks online and on the front page of your website for everyone to hear.


The most important, and probably least fun, aspect of any business is keeping track of your invoices. Keep all of your invoices together in the invoice system. All of your online orders for any services you have offered will automatically be sent an invoice that auto populates.

Have work from else where and no invoicing system? That’s fine, your proQloud invoicing system lets you create and send invoices as well.

 Online Sales

Hand in hand with a great website is our ecommerce system. These days it’s a big advantage if you have a website that can accept online orders. Want to get more work whilst you’re asleep?! That’s the thing with online ordering; you are open 24/7 all over the world.

Setup your rates page with all the services you offer and select which services you want to have as online orders. You can set as many services as you want whether it’s freelance sound engineering, music production, online mastering or studio hire, you can store all of these in one place.

You’ve got an online store, what about payment? Simple, our system lets you take online payments as well, no more chasing clients for bills, get an order, and get paid, simple.