Mastering Engineers

Did you know that the whole reason we have built proQloud is because we started an online mastering service back in 2005? Due to the success of that, we thought, “Hey, everyone should be able to use these tools”, so here they are.

For mastering engineers, its great having a way to get you work without you even having to go looking for it. With online mastering you could be mastering a future hit from a Bollywood movie one day, and the next be mastering a hip hop track from half way across the world.


Websites aren’t easy to build, and they can become time consuming if you’ve got to build everything from scratch, so that’s where we come in. Build a beautiful site for your mastering studio, fill it with all your best studio imagery, and add all of your favourite work that have you mastered.

 File Transfer

As mastering engineers, you’ll be handling a lot of hi-resolution audio files per month, and probably storing them all over the place. proQloud allows you to upload, send and receive as many hi-resolution files as you want per month.


Invoicing goes hand in hand with your online ordering system. All your online orders are stored, are searchable and filterable through your invoicing system.

What’s great about this feature is you can create invoices from your mastering studio and send them straight out to your clients, even if you didn’t take the order online. All your work and invoices can be kept in one place.

 Online Sales

Online mastering has really taken over in the last ten years, and rightly so, it’s a great way to get a professional mastering engineer to master your tracks quickly. proQloud lets you set your prices for all different types of mastering, whether that’s mastering for digital releases, vinyl mastering or even tape restoration.

You can add any number of services and add discounts, special rates and then accept payment online via PayPal.