Privacy and Security

Your privacy and the security of your data is our highest priority, particularly when it comes to commercially sensitive information.

I'm giving you lots of information about my business, where does it all go?

All information about your business and your clients is encrypted before it's stored on our database and it's only ever decrypted within your proQLoud account.
The password for your proQloud account is also encrypted so only you can ever access your data. If you forget your password we'll invite you to reset it because it's impossible for us to decrypt it to send it to you.

What about all these files I'll be sending with your awesome unlimited file transfer?

We encrypt all files that you store on our servers. Music files get turned into completely unrecognisable, random noise.
We also offer the option to password protect files when you send them to your clients, so only they can download them, and that password is encrypted too!

But isn't the internet a scary place full of hackers, spies, and funny cat pictures?

Yes it is! So we've taken every possible measure to secure our servers and website for you.
All traffic to and from proQloud is transmitted over an SSL connection (that padlock in your browser's address bar) by default, which means all your data is ecrypted (again!) as it travels between our servers and your computer.
The only exception to this is if you're using a custom domain for your website, because only you can apply for a security certificate for a domain that you own. If you'd like to apply for your own security certificate then we can install it for you. Please contact us to discuss the details.
Specialist security geeks (the good hackers!) have locked down our servers to the highest Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards and we get regular 3rd party security checks to keep it that way.
But we don't worry so much about the cats.

What about my credit card data and payment details?

Your card details never even touch our server - they're handled by our payment gateway partners, App55, who are the proper experts in card security. They also have bullet-proof servers and systems.

If you have any more questions about privacy and security, or anything proQloud related, then contact us!