Music makes up less YouTube traffic than you might think 

August 17, 2016 

YouTube music streaming makes up less than you might think There are hundreds of ways to consume your favourite music these days, and YouTube is a big player in the field. more

Tides are a changing - JayZ and Tidal 

April 03, 2016 

After the announcement of the streaming service that was going to save the music industry last year, we held hope, but knew it was going to be a long-shot. more

SoundCloud Go debuts  

March 30, 2016 

Soundcloud have finally released a subscription service, but is it too late? Over the past decade (or so) online streaming and downloading have been growing,and for online music consumption SoundCloud at one point in time led the way. more

Music Streaming - The US stats don't lie 

January 22, 2016 

So it's 2016, and this year we will probably see more CD sales, more vinyl record sales and probably (pretty much positive) an increase in streaming revenue and an increase in users. more

Improved Google Analytics functionality with proQloud 

January 22, 2016 

We love to see what's going on with our website. We've been busy making some new updates to the Google Analytics setup with your proQloud website. more

Streaming and Vinyl Record Sales kept the Music Industry afloat in 2015 

January 12, 2016 

In 2015 we saw some of the strangest behaviour in music consumption, butit was a good thing. So the figures are in. more

Apple Music hits 10 million subscribers 

January 11, 2016 

Unbelievably, Apple Music has 10 million subscribers. This took its biggest rival Spotify 6 years to reach the same 10 million milestone. more

David Bowie Dies aged 69 

January 11, 2016 

David Bowie dies afed 69 after 18-month battle with cancer. David Bowie who had hits with Let's Dance, Starman, Life on Mars, Space Oddity, Heroes and Under Pressure has died following an 18-month long battle with cancer. more

Getting Started with 2016 

January 04, 2016 

It's a new year, 2015 went by in a flash and 2016 will probably disappear at the same rate! At this time of year gym's across the world are rubbing their hands together waiting for the influx of new members, health food stores get increased sales and people genuinely at least try to do something different for the new year. more

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